Let’s face it, who likes to look at a rat or any other rodent in your house? No one!! Anywhere in your house be it in your basement, your attic, or even your kitchen, catching the sight of a rodent can incite fear and surprise in the most composed of individuals.

And it needs to be said that these little creatures are quite resourceful as they can enter your home through even the smallest of gaps and cracks. Moreover, they need very little space to travel inside which makes it even harder to spot them.

Rodent Proof House

It is during the winters and the cooler periods of the year that the whole ball game changes as during these times they seek shelter in homes. And, once inside they cause much more than just simple infestation. They cut through wires and acts as vectors as they carry bacteria such as salmonella. This leads to contamination of food, kitchen surfaces, and any other equipment.

Everyone has seen the white-footed deer mouse right? Well, they are known to spread the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

So, what is to be done? There have to be some tips!!

Relax; there are quite a few of them. Just follow these six simple housekeeping practices to keep these unwanted visitors at bay.

  1. Don’t let them have a feast

Just avoid letting them to even have a sniff of food at your home if possible. Keep your countertops and other surfaces clear of any food. Keep an eye out for food residues and crumbs under the fridge, counters, and all other appliances.

Also, make sure to store your food in sealed containers so that they don’t have easy access. And please don’t forget to store your pet’s food away in a sealed container as well. This is because rodents simply love them.

  1. Shut any possible point of entry

Want to effectively stop rodents from entering your household? Then make sure to seal off any gaps or cracks through which they can enter. But, these little creatures are adepts to squeeze through the smallest of spaces.

So, what you can do here is to follow a rule of thumb and close any opening larger than ¼-inch. Spend some buck if required and fix the window screens if there are any tears. Fix cracks in the wall with wire mesh.

Also, examine the pipes entering your home. Fill them with caulk and mesh if there are gaps. And finally, rodents are excellent climbers. So, add a cap to your chimney to prevent them from entering.

  1. Store your firewood at a higher place

Everyone loves their home to be nice and warm during the winter. This means that you need to burn wood and for that, you must keep a stockpile of lumber at the ready. However, rodents love to make use of them as a hideout.

To prevent this from happening simply elevate your logs at least 18 inches off the ground. Needless to say, but also make sure to store it away from your house.

  1. Go for a bush strip

This is another great way to keep out rodents from entering your house. Older doors usually have small gaps at their base and by installing a bush strip you can block the entry of mice.

If you want an easy installation then choose one with an adhesive strip and not the ones with screws. Installing a bush strip will also save you some money this winter as it will help to keep the heat inside.

  1. Remove the clutter

Rats and mice thrive in areas where there is clutter as it provides them with ample space to hide. So, if you are reading this and want to prevent rodents from entering your home then it’s time to say goodbye to all the unnecessary clutter.

A good place to start will be the stack of old newspapers and other junk.

Remove the Clutter

Following this, go ahead with removing your laundry from the floor. Boxes can also be tempting to rodents so ensure you store everything in an organized way and keep them elevated off the ground.

  1. Landscaping….a must

Before things outside gets too cold make sure to perform appropriate yard maintenance. Trim any branches that might provide rodents with access to your house. Also, now would be a good time to tidy up any overgrown vegetation, remove weeds, and leaves. This will further ensure that no lurking rodent will find a suitable hiding place.

Think you can handle these tips? What steps are you going to take? Whatever you do just don’t let these rodents ruin your holidays!!

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