9 Pest Control Tips That You Can Start Working on From Today

Believe it or not, every second homeowner is known to be irritated and frustrated with the presence of pests in their house. No matter what steps are taken, they still find a way back in. Well, there is no fault of the pests though. You unknowingly tend to create an environment indoors that is suitable for them, and they come back again.

While pests are of different types and sizes and are synonymous to diseases, damage to indoor assets, etc. there is the need to identify them first and then take steps accordingly. Cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, ants, lizards, termites, wasps, etc. are the ones that are the culprits. You may call upon the professional pest control company in Bristol to help you get rid of these disturbances; they still come back as you tend to make way for them all over again.

While there are multiple tips to help you get rid of them almost permanently, here are a few put down for you to understand and follow.

  1. Seal the doors and windows well

If it is an old house or probably a rented one that you have moved in recently, there may be gaps around the doors and windows. This is the space where pests crawl in from. Termites find a way to gnaw on wooden frames, and that is how there is an infestation. When you seal the doors and windows or even replace them, you tend to keep pests away. It also helps in the insulation where cold air stays out during the winters, and you save up on electricity bills.

2. Snip tree branches and bushes

If there is a tree close to the wall of your house, bugs would likely crawl into warmer places indoors. Therefore, call an expert to take out those shears and trim branches, twigs and leaves of bushes or trees that are somehow in touch with the outdoor wall. Ensure that there is a gap between both of it. This way, there are lesser chances of infestation.

3. Place skip bins for trash

If you are in the habit of keeping a trash can indoors and removing it every week, the trash is likely to attract pests to it. Ants, bugs that like to feed on vegetable and fruit peels come over and feast on your trash can. When you place skip bins outdoors, there is a safe distance from your house. Throw away daily trash into it and allow removal experts to come and clean up the skip bins.

  1. Look out for pest entry points and block them

It could be the corner of the ceiling or probably the ventilator; pest entry points make it easy for them to come in and go out. This is something that is the work of mice and rats. Firstly, call a pest control expert to inspect the house well and look out for all such entry points. Pests do not require large areas to come in, and that is the reason why you need to look closely for such entry areas. Hire a pest control expert to seal them with mesh metal as it is strong enough to be broken into especially by mice and rats.

5. Avoid water stagnancy

Usually, mosquitoes tend to lay eggs on the stagnant water surface, and that gives birth to multiple offspring that can infest your home and help you with fatal diseases as that of malaria or dengue. It there are cans or pots left outdoors with water filled in it, clean them dry. If at all you store water anywhere for long, cover them well for no mosquitoes to find a place in.

6. Vacuum clean mattresses, carpets and sofas

Since these are warm places to be in, bed bugs, dust mites and several other small organisms find a home here. If you own a vacuum cleaner, use it on beds, sofas and the carpet if present. This keeps it free from dust as well as keeps the bugs away. If you come back from a vacation, ensure that you keep your luggage and clothes away from the bed. Many hotel rooms tend to be a storehouse of bedbugs and that tags along in the luggage of the guests.

7. Get rid of ant trails

Ants are known to leave a trail behind for the rest of their clan to identify and follow their path. We may not be able to detect it, but they do. Sweeping the floor now and then doesn’t help at all. The scent stays behind. You can call a cleaning expert to get rid of ant trails.

8. Protect winter clothes well

It could be by packing them in vacuumed bags or probably in the cupboard with naphthalene balls surrounding it. These keep away cloth bugs and moths from gnawing into your winter wear. It stays safe while making it smell good as well. You will not have to wash it again before the winters as there would be no musty odour coming out of them.

9. Call the pest control expert

While all of the above tips is to be undertaken by you, let the pest control experts come into the picture as well. They are the ones who detect the presence of pests and come up with a solution. They undertake pest control techniques and use safe pesticides. This way, your house is safe while attacking the pests specifically. Choosing reputed and experienced pest control service professionals is likely to be effective and also help you save money. While they do their work, you should stop your responsibilities to keep pests away.

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