The Dos and Don’ts for the Birds Nest Removal

Birds are not pests, but if they build their nest on or near your residence, then you need to understand the value of the title. Birds can be harmful to both homes and heath. Not only are they noisy, but also they spread diseases through their droppings. Often gutters on the roof get clogged by the birds’ nests; they can also block vents, stoves, and dryers, and if it is left as it is, then it might cause fire, which is unnecessary. In their droppings, uric acid is there, which means the stains are unavoidable if you leave your car uncovered below their nests. So, a reasonable man can understand why it is necessary to remove the birds’ nests from your dwelling. But there are some federal laws, which state that birds nest removal for specific species is illegal. So, it is better to have some professionals to deal with the birds’ nest problem.  If you have done your checking that the species of bird invading your house or your parking lot is not protected, removal of the nest is legal & necessary, then here are some steps to follow to ensure proper and safe removal for the nest taken.

  1. Proper Measurement And Prevention: It is always better to take a proper measurement before anything happens, so nothing is better if you can prevent the birds from building their nest in the first place. Bird feeders and birdbaths must be kept away from your home; otherwise, they will make their nest where they can find their food source. One must use proper guards for vents, gutter, and fans where they usually build their nest. People nowadays are preferring to have some visual repellants to scare the birds. No matter what you do, the best way to prevent them is to stop their nest in the building stage and check for days whether they are coming back.
  2. Run activity check: Never try to remove or relocate a nest if there are eggs or the birds are present. One must wait until the nesting season is over. If you find a nest with eggs but not with the parents, don’t think that the nest is abandoned; it may be the parent birds are out somewhere.
  3. Use Proper Precautions: Always take proper precautions while removing the empty nest (make sure there is no egg ), because often dangerous pathogens are found in the droppings of birds. Do wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, masks. Make sure you spray antibacterial thing to the nest before touching it. After removal, clean the nestling area with disinfectants.
  4. Call a Professional: If you cannot identify the birds’ species, it is better to call a professional to handle the thing. Sometimes, it is not safe to remove the nest by yourself, but any professional can do it quickly.

A professional knows the proper measurements to follow for removing any nest; you may not be aware of such techniques, so it is better to have the professionals take charge.

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