Get Rid of Mouse Without Killing Them

How To Get Rid of Mice in the House Without Killing Them

A mouse can be cute and all but to some of us, it can make us scream our lungs out! Mice are very cunning and clever, especially when they are trying to find a way in. Once you are comfortable with a mouse then be ready for a dozen more. It’s advisable to get rid of mice immediately than waiting because they cause a health hazard. Mice are known to communicate through urinating and leaving signals for their mates to follow. They leave this and more mess as they move all around your house devouring your food. They are also known to bite through wires, which can pose an electrical hazard. It’s inhumane to pick up a bat and start chasing a mouse around the house. There are simple ways you can practice on getting rid of mice without killing them.

Mouse-Proofing Your House

The best and easiest way to control rodent infestation in your home is to prevent the problem before it begins. Rodents are well known to search for a home in the winter. A warm place they can settle down, have easy access to food and birth their young. Make sure bushes and branches to trees around your home are well trimmed. This is to ensure they do not use them to get in your house. Trimming off branches will cut off access to your attic and roof. Seal off any holes or small entrances like a large door or window frames that will give mice access to your house. Seal off the spaces with durable material like iron/metallic sheets or cementing the spaces. Position your bins in a place that is not near the house or any major entrance.

Using Natural Repellants

You can scare the mice away by using mouse repellent scents like garlic and cayenne spice. Mice are known to have a much-heightened sense of smell. Identify places where you suspect they come through and place soaked scented cotton. These smells will keep them off as they do not like the smell. However, these natural tactics are not 100% efficient. As mentioned before, mice are cunning and smart. They can easily work around the smells and find another way to enter your home just to have your food and cause a disturbance.

Keep Your Home Clean

We all know how much mice love an unsanitary home. Clear clutter around your home and make sure all your foods are stored in airtight containers. It will be better if you use metal bins and make sure you clear out your bin regularly. Many of us are used to leaving clutter in the basement, attic and room and this is where mice find it comfortable to settle down and have their feast. How will you even catch them in such a mess? Train yourself to maintain cleanliness especially if your small kids around the house.

Using non-lethal traps

These are traditional traps that are known as trap and release. You can use food crumbs like chocolate, bread or their famous food, cheese, to trap them. Set the trap in places you suspect they come through and where they have left their droppings. Trap and release is a more humane way of getting rid of mice instead of killing them. When releasing them, make sure you go at least a mile away from your home or neighbours in order to prevent them from coming back.

Using Aluminum Foil

It’s still not clear why mice stay away from aluminium foil but since they do, it’s a good way of scaring them off. But, don’t start covering up your whole house because of this knowledge. You can spread the foil in places you suspect there is a lot of rodent activity. They will most likely stay clear from it.

Get a Professional Mouse Catcher

It’s not easy to be comfortable in a house where mice run freely in your walls and floors. If you want a professional to come to take care of your mouse problem with non-lethal ways then give us a call.

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