Christmas celebrations are an integral part of the entire celebration. After all, what kind of a Christmas would it be without a tree and lighting right?

Christmas Celebrations

However, rodents like mice and rats can easily transform this joyous occasion into one that is filled with stress.

It’s true that there is nothing like a rodent infestation to ruin your holiday mood. Mice and rats are enticed by all the décor that comes with Christmas celebrations and can gnaw through Christmas tree leaves, lights, and wirings.

Hence, if you want to protect your Christmas tree from those rodents out there then do yourself a favor and follow some or all of these preventive measures:

  1. Check your Christmas tree for critters before bringing them in

Christmas trees come from farms and lots and they ultimately become the centerpiece of your Christmas celebration, be it in your home or your office. However, as these trees come from farms there is a high chance of rodents climbing up the branches and nesting up there.

And, even if a thorough inspection is carried out after harvest, it is still possible for rodents to be in a tree that has been purchased and decorated for the festivities.

There are reports that some people had even found a nest full of field mice in their newly purchased Christmas tree. And once they are in your property, they can infest the entire house leaving you with a brand new set of problems for the New Year.

But you need not worry much. You can still bring home a real Christmas tree from a farm. All you have to do is take out the necessary time needed to check the tree for any sign of wildlife. Pay close attention along the trunk and the branches.

  1. Be sure to check for stowaways in the box

If you decide to purchase an artificial tree then there might be rodents present in the cardboard box in which the tree was delivered. They are known to be attracted to cardboard boxes and this is one of the simple ways by which they can gain access to your house.

However, this is a problem that can be dealt with as you can catch the little thing once you find it in the box. The real problem sets in when you have set up your Christmas tree only to find that there were rodents present in it that you did not spot. Also, other animals in your house might get their smell and chew on your lights as a result.

So, how to prevent this from happening?

Well, to start off you can carry out a detailed check when you are removing your tree from the storage. A visual inspection from the outside can give you a clue as to what you can expect once you open it. Keep an eye out for holes and droppings in and around the box before opening it. Finally, check for mice inside the box and on the tree.

  1. Store your Christmas lights in a secure place

It would be a waste of money to throw away all your Christmas decorations every year and get new ones. So, it is highly probable that you count on last year’s decorations to be a part of this year’s celebration.

Can you even imagine how distraught you will feel to pull out your Christmas lights only to find them ruined?

To prevent rodents from ruining your lights be smart as to how you store your décor. Be sure to store them in secure plastic containers that can be sealed so that no rat or mouse can chew through them.

  1. Hang candies on the tree only the day before the festivities

Do you hang candies on your Christmas tree to decorate it? Well, these delicacies are not only attractive to humans but rodents as well. These treats that hang up with good intentions can easily turn your residence into a magnet for rodents.

But there’s nothing to worry about. You don’t have to sacrifice your tradition. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that for how long the edibles will be lingering around. The longer it does, the higher the chances that it’s going to attract mice and rats.

Christmas Trees

The easiest way to shorten this period is to hang the candies on your Christmas tree the day right before the celebrations. This greatly minimizes the chances of rodents to get a taste.

  1. Take help from professionals

Prevention is a great way to avoiding rodent infestation in your home that might ruin the festive season. However, it cannot take the place of remedy if your house is already infested with rodents.

Fending off rodents is not a fun way to spend your holidays; a time that you should spend with your loved ones. So, taking the help of professionals can provide you with a permanent solution to the rodent problem and also allow you to do the things you should be doing during the holidays.

So there you are 5 tips that might come in handy in saving your Christmas tree and your celebrations this year!!

Happy Holidays!!

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