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Wanna Get Rid Of Fleas!! Then This Article Might Help You

Anyone who has dealt with pests will attest to the fact that fleas are some of the most annoying of all pests to deal with. This is because they can get around easily due to their small size and agile enough to be called acrobatic.

Not only do they reproduce quickly, but they are almost impossible to get rid of without a pesticide treatment – reasons why you should be opting for a professional Emergency Pest Control Bristol service provider once you notice signs of infestation.

And although fleas prefer four-legged hosts to humans, if your pets have fleas, it’s highly likely that they will target your house, yard, and furniture next.


An emergency pest control Bristol is probably the wisest decision you can take to eliminate fleas as quickly as possible. This is because they spread diseases and parasites.

Some of the diseases that these pests spread are flea-borne typhus, cat-scratch disease, and plague. If a flea infection goes undetected, your pet might develop a tapeworm or heartworm that can also infect you.



We all love pets. But, if your pet is a carrier of mature fleas, then your home can easily become the nursery. The interesting fact to note here is that only 5% of a flea infestation can be attributed to an adult flea unwillingly hosted by a pet.

The majority of the infestation, i.e., 95% of it, can be attributed to the eggs, larvae, and cocoons spread throughout your house. Therefore, you have to tackle the situation from all possible angles.

Moreover, it would help if you treated your pet and its living environment at the same time. And depending on your pet’s boundaries, this can include your house and yard.

Now all of this might be daunting. However, you can always take the assistance of a professional pest control Bristol service provider.

Here are some ways how YOU can start making your home flea-proof:

pest control Bristol

Employ a powerful vacuum

Use this vacuum on your upholstery, mattresses, and floors. Make sure not to miss out on any of the cracks as they are perfect hiding places for fleas and their cohort of eggs, larvae, and cocoons.

If possible, then use a vacuum with a big. This will allow disposing of the contents without having to come into contact with it.

Use a steam cleaner

This can especially beneficial for upholstery and carpets and also for pet beds. No matter the flea’s age, a combination of soap and heat will always be its enemy.

Make sure to wash your bedding

Ensure that you wash all bedding, including your pets’ in hot water. While drying them, use the highest heat setting. And if the infestation is severe, it would wise of you to get rid of your old bedding.

Use chemical treatments

Now foggers cannot reach certain places, and therefore aerosol sprays are recommended over them as they can be directed under the beds or any other hard-to-reach area.

Also, while choosing an insecticide, make sure to choose one that contains both an adulticide that will exterminate any adult fleas and an insect growth regulator that will kill off the eggs, larvae, and pupae.

Make sure that your pets do not come into contact with the spray until it has dried. Furthermore, wear gloves while applying the spray and only spray it when everyone is out of the house.


emergency pest control Bristol
Think about the hotspots in your yard where there can be fleas. This can be one of the best ways to eliminate fleas from your yard. Look carefully in your yard and make a list of the shady, humid, and warm places.

The areas exposed to the sun can be too hot, and therefore it is unlikely that there will be many fleas there.

Observe the places where your pet likes to lie down. Fleas prefer these areas.

Once you have targeted the likely zones, here are some of the things you can do to eliminate them:

Maintain your lawn

Make sure to mow your lawn and rake the surfaces as fleas like to hide amongst the tall grass. Also, ensure to bag the contents and not add them to your pile of compost.

Get rid of debris

Remove twigs and dead leaves from under any bushes and flower beds. Exposing significant part of your yard to sunlight can also be a good idea.

Spread cedar chips

Do this, especially in areas where your pet likes to lie down, like under the bushes and flower beds.

Spread both nematodes and sulphur granules

Nematodes are small worms that feed on parasite eggs. Spreading them both around problem areas can help remove fleas.

If these measures do not work, then make sure to get the help of a local pest control Bristol.


Here is what you need to do if you suspect that your pet has fleas:

Use a flea shampoo to wash your pet

use a flea shampoo to wash your pet

Ask your pet about what will be the best option for your pet. The most effective pet shampoos consist of pyrethin, which is an extract of chrysanthemum flowers.

Wash your pets’ bedding

Make sure to do this every alternate day and dry it at the highest heat setting. You can also take the bed to a dry cleaner but ensure the potential chemicals used for cleaning are pet-friendly.

Use a flea comb

Keep a bowl of soapy water close by so that you can dunk the critters once you comb the fleas out of your pets’ hair. Pay special attention to the neck and tail areas.

Speak with your vet

Ask them about topical or oral remedies but avoid flea collars as they can be highly toxic.

Use natural remedies

Add 2 cups of rosemary water leaves to hot water and make a strong solution. Allow it to cool down, and then you can spray, rinse, or soak your pet using this solution.


It might be upsetting to detect a flea infestation. However, if you take appropriate measures, they can be eradicated quickly. Making sure to vacuum frequently, cleaning your lawns regularly, and getting rid of debris can go a long way in getting rid of fleas.

Also, ensure that you launder your linens and other cloth items on a regular basis at high heat.

It would help if you also treated your home, yard, and pet simultaneously, as this can be crucial in preventing re-infestation.

And lastly, the most important thing to remember is that if you find that the infestation is getting out of control, get the help of an emergency pest control Bristol service provider.








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